So who am I?

Let’s say I have been a resident of this planet of ours for a good number of years, and; what’s more  I fully intend to hang around for a few more.

A husband I have the good fortune to be very happily married – “together forever” were the immortal words my significant other uttered just after the man said “you may kiss the bride”. That was 26 years ago give or take a few weeks and we are still here!

I am a parent – first and foremost – three of the most wonderful daughters any man could be blessed with (well most of the time).

A survivor of the “baby boomer” cull – how many of us have found ourselves ousted from our life’s work by some new CEO or “wunderkind” who knew a better way and we were the obstacle to him having his way (please note that gender terms are interchangeable – I am very aware that the female of the species can be equally voracious in the pursuit of ambition).

Too close to the conventional retirement age – what nonsense is that all about? Since the darkest days I have ever experienced  (see the previous paragraph – yes I was a victim of that culture) I have been fortunate enough to turn things around and discover many new opportunities to travel, work in places which I love and encounter many young enthusiastic people with whom I have had great pleasure sharing many of my experiences

What Do I do? Invariably the conventional response to who are you really means what you do?

Well it goes a little like this:

  • left school aged 18 with pretty poor “A – levels”; spent the next 10 years fraternising with the legal profession (and frankly hating every minute of it).
  • Gave up on the legal profession and went off to college to spend four years achieving a PE degree.
  • Since graduation I have been very fortunate to work in the professional sport environment in many roles the latest of which, and most rewarding, is the management of major events.
  • Currently I guess you would call me a “Freelance Event Consultant” though one of the roles I fulfill is that of “Safety Officer” at the fantastic Edgbaston Stadium. I also travel to India for extended periods on a regular basis to manage stadiums for two fascinating and exciting competitions there known as the IPL (Indian Premier League) which is probably the world’s premier cricket tournament and the ISL (Indian Super League) a new football league launched in 2014.

All of which begs the question how can I help you?

“Been there, Seen That, Done That And got the T-shirt” probably sums up where I am coming from.

In a 12 month period (2008 – 2009) I suffered my very own personal “annus horribilis” to coin a phrase used by our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. The career I had devoted myself to for almost 20 years and which I enjoyed with a passion was taken away. I lost my dad and Mum was diagnosed with cancer, I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends at far too young an age, and someone who I considered to be one of my closest friends turned out to be diametrically the opposite.

As a result of this incredible collision of events I found myself unemployed, without purpose or direction, very close to serious depression (the medication was sat staring at me for a number of weeks), and very significantly worse off financially than I had been – including losing a very good pension.

In essence.

  • Mental and Emotional Health – took a battering
  • Physical Health -nosedived and continue to do so until very recently
  • Financial Security – disappeared both short-term and long-term.

It took a while but with the help of some very special people, and I guess my own rediscovered bloody-mindedness, things are a whole lot better today. In many ways the journey back has been a tough one and is not over yet but with the right support, advice and help I really do believe that pretty much anything is possible.

So there you have it, a tough journey, not yet finished but in a way such a valuable journey.

If sharing any of my frustrations experiences or joys with you helps them please do join me.